DS Cube Shell - Ashen White (Sets of 8)


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    Cube Shell - Ashen White (Sets of 8)

    Are you ready to take your game to the next level? Introducing the Dragon Shield Cube Shells™ - the ultimate boost for your cube! These compact and sturdy deck boxes feature an elegant design and a secure closure mechanism, allowing your cards to slide in and out unobstructed.

    But that's not all - Cube Shells™ are versatile enough to function as resealable booster packs, deck boxes for sideboards, tokens, and more. They're also perfect for organizing your collection or protecting cards during shipment. With a writing field on the top for personalization, you'll never lose track of your collection.

    Each unit includes 8 Cube Shells™, each capable of fitting 20 single-sleeved cards, 15 double-sleeved cards, or 48 12mm D6 dice. And with compatibility with Magic Carpets, Deck Shells & Double Shells, the possibilities are endless. Elevate your game and safeguard your treasures with Dragon Shield Cube Shells™!